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Skolar has a range of skills and services to help you set up a new education facility which could include:


  • Provide initial analysis of existing target local population, existing and future provision/need for school places, existing local schools and existing & future potential shortfall in places for target area. 
  • Advise on potential demand for a new school or schools, the best suitability for incorporating them on site within the context of the proposed overall development layout and an analysis of required floor areas and plot sizes.
  • Prepare brief for design & planning team on potential new primary and secondary school or schools, (or, alternatively an all-through school), including schedule of minimum floor areas.
  • Seek to identify primary and secondary school providers, (or, an all-through school provider), as appropriate and negotiate best commercial terms on your behalf leading to exchange of any necessary legal documentation.  
  • Provide all necessary education advice to include negotiations on any financial terms, negotiations on potential funding sources, liaison with local education authority, Education Skills Funding Authority (ESFA), LocatED etc, as necessary, and when appropriate.
  • Attend all necessary project team meetings.
  • Attend any planning meetings, assist in any public exhibitions and other local community consultations as required.
  • Engage with local Education Authority on all aspects of promotion of site in meeting the local need for expanded or relocated school provision.
  • Generally to provide advice on all aspects of the above and make recommendations where appropriate.